the 29th of September – 2nd of October 2020. This year ONLINE!

Poland’s international co-production forum for films and series aimed at the children’s market. Part of the Kids Kino International Film Festival.

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Masterclass: Knowing your Film from the Inside Out – Become the Ultimate Ambassador!

October 1st, 14:30-16:00*, ZOOM

Hosts: Alison Norrington, Storyteller/ Experience Designer, Storycentral, UK and Fulko Kuindersma, Acquisitions Executive, Dutch Features, Netherlands

The masterclass will conclude with a live Q&A session. Registered attendees are invited to submit a short overview (400 words max) of one of their projects that we will try to implement during the Q&A. Deadline for submission is 28.09. 12 PM and can be sent to

To participate in this event please buy an accreditation here.

*Central European Summer Time

Join us for this exciting session for writers and producers that will highlight opportunities to really get to the heart of your project, to know it inside out and open doors and opportunities for wider distribution strategies that are focused and agile. 

This exclusive 90-minute workshop will be illustrated with an in-depth look at two feature films from sales agent Dutch Features Global Entertainment – Detective Bruno and Sihja – and it will demonstrate how an understanding of audience behaviour by genre (Sihja is an adventure fairy tale with a twist, and Detective Bruno is an adventure hunt with the city as a protagonist) can bring a deeper understanding of your core theme and premise, and leverage you as a better ambassador for your project.

The spaces for the masterclasses, workshops, and panels are limited and require prior registration. If you would like to attend some of the workshops or masterclass please remember to add this session to your Meeting Mojo calendar, where you can also find the ZOOM link.

Alison Norrington

Alison Norrington

Storyteller/ Experience Designer, Storycentral, UK

Alison Norrington is a writer/producer, and Chief Creative Director of storycentral, a London-based studio that develops properties with global partners in entertainment. She specializes in storytelling that amplifies fan incubation, engagement and experience design. Alison is Conference Chair for StoryWorld Conference (LA), Exec Producer of the VR Sessions at Children’s Media Conference, a two-time TEDx speaker, BAFTA Guru and is a member of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, The Writers Guild of Great Britain and Women in Film & TV.

Fulko Kuindersma

Fulko Kuindersma

Acquisitions Executive, Dutch Features, Netherlands

Fulko brings more than 20 years of experience in film marketing, production, distribution and, most recently, acquisition to Dutch Features. Before joining the company, he worked for The Netherlands Film Festival, Holland Film (Eye International), Stark Film Production New York, IDTV Film, A-Film distribution, BFD Distribution, E-one distribution and Cinemien. Fulko was also one of the founding partners of Amsterdam Film Week.

Masterclass: Knowing your Film from the Inside Out - Become the Ultimate Ambassador!