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„No Happily Ever After” to be presented at 2021 Kids Kino Industry!

by | 8/10/2020 | Bez kategorii, News

We are honoured to announce that Kids Kino Industry award for the best project presented at CEE Animation forum went to the stop-motion series “No Hapilly Ever After” from the Czech Republic.

“No Happily Ever After” become the first title selected for the 2021 Kids Kino Industry lineup.

Maciej Jakubczyk, Head of the New Horizons Association and Katarzyna Janiak, Industry Project Manager both agreed that the project has an international co-production potential and there are only few stop-motion mocumentary projects on the market.

“We are happy to invite the project “No Happily Ever After” to be presented at the Kids Kino Industry next year. The project has undoubtedly a potential to find international partners which every year attending the Kids Kino Industry. We believe that as a stop-motion mocumentary, the project has a chance to attract the attention of our decision makers and find co-producers.”

Congrats to Gabriela Plačková, Alžběta Göbelová and Mária Môťovská! We are looking forward to hosting you next year at Kids Kino Industry.

“No Happily Ever After”

“No Happily Ever After” is a stop-motion mocumentary insight into the nowadays lives and troubles of mythical creatures from the old fairy tales. Each episode follows a creature originating from a different European country and the crew of fictional documentary filmmakers led by director Hans Andersen Jr. scouts their natural habitats to find new interesting subjects they can interview. They try to capture the unique ways in which they struggle to fulfill their original purposes after the world around them has changed so much. The series has both a comedy as well as educational quality and
presents traditional culture in the fairy tale form.

The Kids Kino Industry award was given as a part of the partnership with CEE Animation Forum.

More about the project and CEE Animation Forum can be found here.